The Kingdom

In this series we look at the Kingdom of God. What is it? What is meant by the Kingdom? What does this mean for my life and the life of others?
There is one overarching question. Every sermon will rely on our
understanding of this one question:

Is the kingdom of God a future reality to be hoped for or a present reality to experience now?

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The Kingdom - Already, Not Yet


If you recognize that He is King, that the Kingdom we are referring to is His … then it is essential for you to understand what Jesus is talking about when He is talking about the Kingdom of God. It is essential for your hope, for your faith, for your urgency, and for you to be unleashed.


The Kingdom - Sell Everything


The Kingdom that is present now is because Jesus has come and established His Kingdom, because Jesus has claimed victory over sin and death. God is King and He is reigning in this world. Don’t believe me?


The Kingdom - The Few


There are those that have decided in their hearts that they do not want to follow Christ, and there are those that have not made a decision at all. BUT JESUS SPEAKS OF ANOTHER GROUP, and I think that much of Jesus’ teaching is speaking to this other group. Which leads us to two questions: Who is this other group and why does Jesus spend so much time speaking to them?


The Kingdom - Seek First


We talked about the commands to forgive, to be merciful, to be perfect as He is perfect. We looked at scripture where God tells us to be righteous, to be without sin. Why have we not taken a hold of this command from Christ? Why, knowing that Christ commanded us to be perfect, knowing that God will not tempt us more than we can handle, knowing that Christ has already defeated sin.


The Kingdom - Just Waiting


Jesus begins talking about the end. And He is not talking about what is going to happen in a couple days. Instead, He is talking about the end of time. When He returns. Already, not yet. He tells them what it will be like. He warns them that it will get hard, so hard that if this time wasn’t cut short and Jesus didn’t return that no one would be saved. Then, Jesus tells two parables and ends this conversation with a sobering reality of His return.